The Future Of Business Technology, Today

Posted on Aug 23 2017 - 9:39am by Editorial Staff

The world of business sits at the heart of all technological progress, and we are constantly looking ahead to what the future will bring. In reality, though, we needn’t concentrate on future advancements. That’s because the future is already here.

Quite frankly, the progress made in recent years is nothing short of astonishing. Businesses from all industries can now embrace modern tech to improve their ventures in many different aspects. In turn, those benefits often result in huge rewards for the consumer too.

So, what are the key areas where the future is already here? Let’s find out.

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Virtual Communication

Great communication will always be one of the most crucial aspects of any business venture. However, digital tech has moved the goalposts, changing the way that businesses deal with customers as well as colleagues. Frankly, it has made some of the traditional resources feel redundant.

Even small businesses can excel by bringing their communication links into the modern age. From web chats and social media to video conferencing, those resources can be used to great effect. Furthermore, the continued growth of cloud computing has opened new doors. Not only does it reduce overheads, but it also enables companies to reach far larger audiences.

With outsourcing playing a common role too, even recruitment has evolved thanks to technology.

Greener Technology

Consuming energy in a more responsible manner has always been a concern. And experts spent generations looking for new solutions. Progress in this field since the turn of the century has been incredible, however, and the possibilities are now greater than ever.

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Moreover, the improvements can be utilized in a whole host of different areas. Solar energy, water-saving toilets, and similar tools can all be used in daily activities. Meanwhile, Moons Industries creates motors for greater efficiency in 3D printing and security. When all used together, companies can reduce costs as well as their carbon footprints.

What’s more, manufacturing industries are increasingly turning to more eco-friendly production methods, such as utilizing renewable energy sources and reusing or recycling waste. The ink industry, for example, has seen a significant advancement in technology by introducing vegetable, water or eco solvent inks. In particular, for production line manufacturing applications that use TIJ or CIJ ink.

In addition to the direct benefits, it often evokes a better response from customers too. Compared to where we were just 15 years ago, the progress is simply incredible.

Universal Payments

Once upon a time, cash was the only option open to most consumers. Card payments soon changed all that, especially when chip and pin came into play. Over the last decade or so, however, there has been an even greater number of payment types accepted.

Smartphone technology enables businesses to accept payments from a consumer’s App. Meanwhile, the growth of Bitcoin and other digital currencies has seen some companies accept those payments. While this is far from common right now, the facilities needed to make it happen certainly exist.

Online payments also allow for transactions with companies that customers have never met too. While it does link into the idea of virtual communication, there’s no doubt that this is the future.


Technology keeps moving forward, and we will continue to see progress and advancements. However, it feels as though the big changes of the millennial cycle have now all arrived. For companies and consumers, there’s never been a better time business.

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