France Believes Google, Facebook, Other US-Based Internet Companies To Pay Tax Based On Personal Data They Collect

Posted on Jan 22 2013 - 10:40am by Editorial Staff


What do you think do Google and Facebook should be taxed for collecting your personal data? If not, than at least France thinks so. According to a report on NY Times commissioned by French President François Hollande, the search, social giant along with other US-based Internet companies should have to pay tax totally according to the data they collect from users.

The report said “tax on data collection was justified on grounds that users of services like Google and Facebook are, in effect, working for these companies without pay by providing the personal information that lets them sell advertising,” with classifying personal data “as the ‘raw material’ of the digital economy.”

What do you think do the internet giants have to pay the taxes on the basis of personal data they collect?

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