The Four Worst Changes That The World Has Seen Lately

Posted on Jul 10 2017 - 5:06pm by Editorial Staff

All the time, there are a lot of unhappy things going on in the world that we all wish we could change. Every day, most people are hoping for a better world to live in and that we lived in a fairer, more considerate place. To fix it, we have to be aware of what is going on out there. Here is a list of the worst things in the world that have been going on lately.

Fake News

While the fake news may have started out as a bit of a joke, it has been on a massive rise and is getting more and more dangerous. Fake news is where a news reporting site posts something that is completely false and acts as though it is true. You would think that fake news would be easy to spot and that you would never fall victim to it. However, it is always dressed up as a real article; they are often so outrageous that it is almost hard to believe it could be made up. Facebook has even had to start posting ways we can spot fake news on their site so as not to let its users believe they are true.

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Global Warming

This has been an ongoing issue for a while now, yet it seems that we are making absolutely no progress as a global effort to stop it. As much as we would like to save we have, we have not yet gone green, as a unified world. The average temperature of the earth has risen by 1 degree over the last 50 years, simply from the activities, we do here in the land, that is such a massive difference. The Paris agreement on combined efforts to stop global warming getting any worse is the best we have done, and America has recently pulled out.

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Domestic Violence

Given the unrest in the world at the moment, there has been a rise in domestic violence. Domestic violence comes in many ways, shapes and forms. It is not only physical abuse but also sexual assault, harassment, coercive control and many other aspects. If you think you may have been a victim of any of these, do not wait to get a battery attorney as these issues cannot be taken lightly. There have been so many more incidents of domestic violence recently, and this shows how desperately it needs to be fought.

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Global Health

The health of the world is a matter that is so important that without global health, nothing would be possible at all. This is something that has not been going the greatest recently and needs to be addressed. The only way this can be done is of course, through health care. It is so hard for it to be accessed in the world by people who can’t afford it or where there simply isn’t the option. It has come to light recently that health care has been getting even harder to access. There are fewer doctors and nurses, fewer appointments available as well as hospitals closing all the time as well as cuts being made. To help this issue, we need something revolutionary that hasn’t been done before, and we all need to come together.

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