Four Ways To Remove Wires In Your Office

Posted on Jul 29 2016 - 10:39pm by Editorial Staff

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There are many reasons why you may want to start removing wires throughout your office. Perhaps you want to have more mobility, with the option to do work in different areas, or to do things on the go. Or maybe the way your office is set up makes it hard to run wires throughout the room. Perhaps you just don’t like the look of wires, and want your office to have a cleaner look. Whatever the reason may be, there are many ways that you can go about making your office wireless. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Mouse And Keyboard

For starters, you can purchase a wireless mouse and keyboard. These devices will usually connect via Bluetooth to a dongle inserted into your computer. You can then move the mouse and keyboard around with ease, without having to worry about running wires through your desk. This type of setup is particularly useful in places like conference rooms, where having the freedom to move around is ideal. Keep in mind that these devices typically need batteries to run, so you will want to have a supply of them handy.


Next, you will want to connect to your Internet using a wireless router. By setting up a wireless router in your office, you can allow devices to connect to the Internet without having to use any wires. This is perfect for mobile devices, such as tablets and cellphones, but can also be used for laptops and desktops computers.

When installing a router in your office, try to choose a location that is in the center of the space. The further a device is from the router, the worse the connection will be. If you need to cover a wide area, consider adding a wireless network hub to your system as well. You should also check to make sure all of your devices can connect to your new WiFi network. Almost all mobile devices and laptops comes with this ability pre-installed, but for desktop computers you may need to add a USB dongle in order to connect.


If your office has a printer, it would be great if each employee could use it without having to plug it into their computer. Thankfully there are now wireless printers, and these make printing from anywhere in the office a breeze. Some printers have their own wireless network in them, and devices can connect to it in order to print. Other types make use of the cloud, and allow documents to be printed from anywhere.

For example, if you cloud print with PrinterOn, a cloud printing solutions company, you can print any document from wherever you are, to any printer. Cloud printing makes use of the Internet to connect devices and printers from anywhere in the world, making it easier than ever to send documents while on the go. Making use of wireless or cloud printing is a great way to remove wires from your office, and make your company more productive as well.

Mobile Devices

Lastly, we have of course mobile devices. If you really want to go wireless in your office, you need to get rid of the systems that require wires. This means no more desktop computers, and rather instead using mobile devices such as tablets. Getting rid of all computers will not work for every company, and you will need to decide what works best for you. But if you really want to get rid of wires, and have the freedom to move around while reducing clutter, mobile devices are the way to go.

Look At All Your Options

There are many ways that you can begin to remove wires from your office, and transition into wireless. Many things that once required a wire – your mouse, keyboard, speakers, Internet and printer – can all now be done without the need for any wires. Take a look around your office, think about where you would like to get rid of wires, and see if any of the suggestions above will help you to do that. Before long your office will look more organized, have a better setup, and even be more mobile.

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