Four Forms Of PR You Might Not Have Considered For Your Business

Posted on Sep 12 2013 - 12:24am by Mickie Kennedy


There are so many forms of PR out there ripe for the picking when it comes to your business. It’s quite backwards to think that one method alone will drive your company to success. Maybe it’s time to consider adopting a new strategy?

Social Media 

It’s the wave of the future! But if you think all businesses are using social media already, think again. Sure you know all about social media – but you’re reading a blog right now. Many of the 27 million small businesses in the U.S. don’t even have a website, much less knowledge of hash tags. And they could be falling by the wayside!

If you or one of your clients hasn’t considered this option yet as you don’t feel that your company, product/service or niche would fit in, think again!

On the Internet, there is literally a niche for everything. If you think your company’s line of Land of the Lost themed Uno cards wouldn’t find a home on Facebook or Twitter, you’re wrong. In fact, sometimes the most obscure thing sells like hotcakes for just that very reason!


Developing your SEO capabilities seems sometimes impossible and others a total mystery, but don’t let the mystique fool you. Focusing on blog posts and keywords can increase traffic to your website exponentially.

More people are using search engines daily, especially Google, so proper SEO has the power to drive business to your doorstep like never before. Also, it can benefit any company, with any product; no matter what you’re selling, it’s probably being searched for right now. Remember, it’s the Internet, and everything has a market!


This is one form of PR that I feel is woefully underused. Whitepapers are a wonderful way for your potential consumers to really see what the power of your product or service is. Take the time to write a thorough whitepaper and you might be surprised how effective it is.

Since whitepapers are in the form of answering a question or solving a problem, they have the unique potential to directly speak to a customer’s needs. Embedding the whitepaper on your website and sending it out to the newswires is a simple way to expand the reach of your campaign and easily win the hearts and minds of your customer base.

Visual Marketing 

Pinterest arrived on the scene and quickly exploded to become the 3rd most popular social network out there. YouTube is already the world’s second biggest search engine out there, after it’s parent company Google. What do these platforms have in common? They’re visual.

If you’ve mastered the art of the written press release, why not consider expanding into visual marketing? Make a stunning infographic to showcase what your company is all about, or create a YouTube “commercial” that will make you stand out from the crowd. Better yet, videos and images – when properly tagged – are wonderful for SEO.

What are some forms of PR you think make great alternatives to the overused norms?

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