Four Easy Escapes From Cape Town

Posted on Sep 4 2013 - 12:50am by Jason Phillips

Cape Town

Cape Town’s Dutch architecture, beautiful winelands, endless coastline, and wide variety of activities, are attracting millions of tourists every year. Featuring endless activity opportunities and comfortable accommodations, the city welcomes avid voyageurs to explore its territories by bike, car, train, or airplane.

Rent a bike and get to know the winelands

Approximately 50km east of Cape Town, the Franschhoek, Stellenbosch and Paarl Valleys form the impressive Cape Winelands, a considerable part of South Africa’s wine legacy. The region is perfect for cycling due to its paved bike trails and secondary roads. The mountain environs and matchless Cape-Dutch farms will make sure to amaze you with breathtaking scenery and endless panoramas. A bike getaway should include several important stops.

Include Spier in your itinerary, an old wine farm built in 1692. Also, don’t forget you’re riding a bike not driving a car, so don’t be afraid to taste some of the region’s most delicious varieties of merlots, sauvignon blancs and malbecs; and because good wine is served with good food, the winelands are packed with traditional restaurants ready to amaze you with their traditional recipes.

Continue your biking adventure with Camps Bay, a suburban region of Cape Town that attracts a huge number of travelers every year, especially in the summer. The destination is famous for its white sand, not to mention that the activities will dazzle you. Lui Bai is the region’s most popular diving site, so if you’re feeling courageous make sure to give a go. For surfing activities, check out Glen Beach, one of the best in Camps Beach.

Train traveling through Cape Town

Cape Town’s railway system is focused on commuter transportation. Visitors are advised to take the South Line Rail Route that stretches between Simon’s Town and Cape Town. The train will stop in some of the city’s most beautiful coastal villages and suburbs, so it’s definitely an excellent way of escaping the city to try something different. For a glimpse of South Africa’s past, enjoy a train traveling experience on the Atlantic Rail. The steam engine manufactured n 1922 and the old-fashioned feel of the entire journey will surely exceed your expectations.

The trip starts in Cape Town and passes though the Cape Peninsula, offering passengers the possibility to revel in mesmerizing views of the ocean. It ends with Simon’s Town, situated on False Bay where tourists have three hours at their disposal to explore the picturesque city and learn interesting aspects about the history of the region.

Traveling by car through Cape Town

Exploring Cape Town by car is a great way to make your own itinerary. Whether you want to see the winelands or you’re searching for something new and different, when you’re driving you have the freedom of choice. The Cape Peninsula for example, is an excellent destination for travelers who want to admire the coastline and its scenic surroundings. The Atlantic Ocean seen from Haunt Bay is spectacular, and if you’re courageous enough to reach The Cape of Good Hope, you’ll probably feel that you’re at the other end of the world.

The quiet fishing city of Lambert’s Bay totally deserves its nickname, the “diamond of the West Coast”. Situated approximately 250km north of Cape Town, the location cheers up from August to October when a plethora of white daisies, yellow and orange stinkkrud, and blue flax cover the local fields. Whales can also be seen in the Lambert’s Bay during these months, and tourists have the possibility to opt for a tour with the Lambert’s Bay Boat Charter if they want to enjoy the show. No matter when you choose to come to the village, you might like to know that it’s the best place to have seafood on the western coast.

Escape Cape Town by air

While Cape Town is amazing, travelers are also advised to check out its surrounding regions. For example, 2-hour flight from Cape Town will take you straight to Botswana. The change of scenery will be dramatic, and the deserted surroundings will surely leave you speechless. The region’s most spectacular spot is the Okavango Delta, a natural oasis nested in the heart of desert. Over 400 species of birds populate the area, so you can imagine the delta is ripped from heaven. To make the experience complete, go for a ride on a mokoro boat, a thin canoe built from jackal berry trees, and observe the astonishing wildlife. One-day trips are available, as well as one-week getaways where you’ll need camping equipment.

Combining abundant wildlife with unspoiled reserves and traditional cultures, Cape Town is South Africa’s most unique and impressive cities. Outside this cultural hub, travelers will stumble upon some of the world’s most astounding travel spots. Whether we’re talking about the Cape winelands, the Peninsula, Lambert’s Bay or even Botswana, visiting South Africa will be a dream comes true for avid voyageurs who want to travel differently.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Marc Smith

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