Former Zynga Engineer Kickstarts Sci-fi Military Game

Posted on May 1 2012 - 4:49am by Editorial Staff

Slade Villena – the former Zynga engineer, a military man worked for Marine Corps before going to university to study game design. Learned maneuver warfare theory, studied Marine Corps doctrine. He has recently kickstarted sci-fi military game – well learning from his background a military game sounds perfect.

The game FleetCOMM: Operation Vigrior is a multi-platform real-time strategy game introducing a novel gameplay mechanic. Instead of fumbling over disorganized blobs of units, the player controls a synchronized squad of ships. This group acts as a cohesive unit; a Fleet. The ships follow maneuvers that are created and designed by the player with our game engines fleet formation tool.

The game was designed following military doctrine. The lead engine programmer served in artillery, ending his enlistment as a Corporal of Marines with current mission with this mercenary crew, is delivering a unique combat interface. These gamers should be given an evolved interface, and a chance to show their strategic thinking. They should also have the opportunity to learn strategy games with the power of military precision.

The game gives the player the means to create and store a number of fleet formations by dragging, dropping and rotating ships. The fleets you create and store will be ready for deployment on your next mission. Their associated formations deploy on the fly. Shift your tactics with a single click or finger tap, in response to the changing battlefield.  So what you are waiting for if you love game specially the military based game – it would be good to give a try.

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