Following US Probing, China’s ZTE End Its Iran Business

Posted on Apr 18 2013 - 6:26pm by Editorial Staff

ZTE Corporation

China’s telecom equipment maker, ZTE has ended its business operations in Iran, following US probing, reports Reuters.  The company’s chairman told publication that after a US investigation into alleged sales of surveillance equipment to Iran last year.

“We’ve basically stopped. We have to continue to service the products we had sold before – we have no choice,” Hou Weigui said in an interview in Beijing. “We maintain communication with them to enable locals to carry out maintenance.”

“I think we’ve really been treated unjustly on this issue. Others are selling the same things, and we weren’t even selling the most,” Hou said. “Now we face these restrictions, and others in the industry aren’t facing any restrictions – they’re all still selling. This is a bit unfair.”


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