More Florida Students Are Opting For Online Programs

Posted on Feb 9 2017 - 3:02pm by Editorial Staff

A recent survey revealed that more students in Florida are taking online courses than ever before. Many who graduated high school in 2016 opted for online programs more than offline courses. The same trend is happening with master’s degree students, with workers and professionals taking online degrees to help advance in their career.

This trend is not without reason. Online degrees are now accredited; top universities are hosting their own distance learning programs to accommodate more students who want to study online. There are also a number of other reasons why more students are opting for online programs.

A Shift in Education Trend

One of the main reasons why online programs are so popular these days is the extra flexibility they offer. Students are eager to pursue a higher degree in an attempt to shape a better future, but they also want to get a head start with their career or run a business in the process. When taking a conventional course, class schedules, the commutes and other factors make doing both rather difficult.

Online degrees are designed to be flexible by nature. You can, for example, pursue a higher online public relations degree while working a fulltime job in the field. This means you can accumulate experience and earn a higher degree at the same time.

This new trend started a few years ago, when top universities such as George Washington University began introducing accredited degrees through their online programs. Other universities, including some of the best schools in Florida, followed suit.

Online Degrees Offer More Value

The shift is not only happening in the education landscape. One in three hiring managers now prefers online graduates for several reasons. For starters, online courses are designed to be up-to-date and in tune with market developments. When you choose to pursue an online SPR degree, for instance, you will be learning from industry experts and mastering the skills that are actually in high demand.

Pair this fact with the recent economic growth, and we have the perfect combination. Companies are trying to fill key positions with professionals that have the right set of skills. This can only be done through courses and programs that are staying up to date with market changes, which is why online graduates are considered more valuable today.

More Options for Students

We also can’t negate the fact that online degrees grant access to more students. The best programs currently available online are up to 40% more affordable than their offline counterparts. The same financing options are also available to online students, making higher education more accessible to many.

On top of that, it is also interesting to note that there are now scholarships designed to help online students, mainly professionals who want to pursue a higher degree in the field of their choice. Florida-based companies are also encouraging employees to take that next step and improve their set of skills and knowledge. It will be interesting to see how much more popular online degrees become in the coming years.

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