Fix You Website: 4 Common Problems That Your Site Is Going Through

Posted on Jun 20 2012 - 11:49am by Editorial Staff

You built a new website, say three months ago, and even after that much time you see nothing has changed. The change I am talking about here is about the visitors on your site. The day you make your website public and the day today, 90 days after the launch is still the same – you are getting visitors but not much and even experiencing a huge bounce rate either. Before, you start thinking what the bounce rate is? Let me give a brief for you, bounce rate is something, say suppose, a visitor comes to your site, and instead of surfing around the site, s/he closes the site or turn around to some other site, means visitor of your site don’t give even a single second stay at your website.

Now, suppose you know that you are facing the problem of less visitors and those visitors with huge bounce rate, you think of spending money on pay-per-click advertising campaign as well as some on search engine optimization, you had spent $10,000 a month (huge number) on online advertising so that you will be able to grab more users, it would be either by filling out a form, purchase a product etc. – but unfortunately instead of getting traffic to your site, you are just and just losing your money.

Again, you think it might be because as I (means you here) spending less on advertising, and all of sudden you increase your monthly budget by 50% to $15,000. Now, what does this increase in budget help you out? I guess no. Why it is like that? Reason you had spend and increase money on advertising, not on understanding and thinking the issues that lets and results in your site affecting. It is not all about advertising and marketing all the time, but designing issues plays an important role in building up your traffic and letting them stay for good long time.

Here are the factors that will help you understand what ingredients needed to improve your site conversion rate:


You are ON with your website but you still want users’ reasons so that they come back to your site again. A user should be encouraged because of different reason to stay on your site. Do not go on assumption that you know pretty well what your end users want to do once they are on your site. Stop assuming and better hire a designer who understands what the site lacking with – whether it’s a whole platform, template, concept, images, videos, placement of things and a lot more.

Some of the site I found during mine research autoplay music or video, this turns out to be a major failure turning your user into a conversion user as 9 out 10 users (visitors) will never come back again. You can give visitors the option if they want to play the music or video, but you don’t make things force on them, in short, you have to go totally on thinking of user’s own preference. And, not to forget here same goes for sites that contain flashy animated images, majority of users hate them unless and until your site belongs to that niche group.


You have multiple sections in your site but you don’t give a proper navigation route – another bad way to lose your visitors. Say, suppose, if you have notice I2Mag black index section (above), there is a heading there, Companies, now in that there are three companies, Apple, Google and Samsung, suppose, instead of going by this way, I will put all these three companies as individual category: Apple (category 1), Google (category 2) and Samsung (category 3). What will happen in second case, where I define three categories, I will get visitors but they will be not huge i.e. I am losing on conversion rate of mine site. The presentation of your content can be a significant barrier to the user’s finding what they want.

A good navigation is nothing but a simple structure as complexity only ends in creating confusion for your visitors. Better opt for breadcrumbs navigation, like Home>Companies>Apple, something like this or similar. Second possibility is that if you own or run an ecommerce site, displaying only the top 5 or 10 lists of items all in their respective categories, then it can work as an alternative form of navigation. Remember, navigation never wants to think extra or outside the box, the better the simple; you have navigation on your site, the better for you to grab visitors with better conversion rates.


This one sounds bit obvious in nature, but at the end plays equal role in shooting your visitors conversion rate to a new high. Say, suppose if you are running a fashion online retail shop, and you are putting the headline on all pages, “Free Shipping on All Products,” it does not telling your part of story that what actually you want or offering. Just try to think of this punch line now, “Huge Selection of Discounted Running Fashion Wear.” This punch line will bring more visitors to you as well as a better conversion rate. Headline does not require creativity, but a better punch line will make you grab a huge number of visitors.

Secondly, you might have put up button on your website, still if you are not able to recall, think of buttons like “Next,” “Submit,” “Get Started” etc. Have you wondered what and how these buttons will help you gain better conversion rate. Might be surprised in thinking of the fact that how button makes more visitors – Well, you need not to be surprised, as yes, a proper button provides you more better conversion rate. The rule is simple here avoid using buttons that ask too much. I am sure you are again in thinking mode that does the button speak? The answer is Yes, it do, the word(s) that you mention on button like the above examples will speak its story. So, better let button speak only that much that is required.


Blog speed or server speed, one of the same thing, but hit high to you if proper care not given on this, if say so your site taking huge time to come in front of your visitor. And, even if it comes, some of the things on the website or that particular page taking huge time to launch then get ready to face its consequences. We are living in the world where you, me, everyone is on the race, so why we stop and wait for the website much so long. Giving an example for this that how you can work out, the site I2Mag is running on WordPress CMS, earlier its speed of loading the page often slows down, I talked the matter with mine hosting company and after discussion they recommend me to use WP supercache plugin and since from the day I never face such issue on loading time of website page. This sounds something technical but in real it is not.

You are running the site from India, suppose and your hosting company is also based in the same country, but what you see on WHOIS that the location of your server is pointing towards some other country, say UK. It will not affect you in real in anyway but the time if you notice with the time passes, you will experience the problem Google and other search engine facing while crawling as it will give them the wrong sign of doing. The only answer to find the solution for this issue is talk with a better host, leave the cheap hosting companies.

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