Five Things You Should Never Do While Facing An Interview

Posted on Feb 24 2014 - 10:06am by Saurabh Tyagi

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With the fiscal year coming to an end, there is a lot of commotion in the recruitment and hiring industry. Employees are all eyes and ears for new job opportunities, and company’s are also making efforts to get the best talent, those can enhance their competitive edge. If you are thinking of making a switch this season, this post is a must read.

In the fiercely competed corporate world, where an ordinary job seeker can easily go unnoticed, a call for an interview is a small victory in its own right. At least you now know that the companies find you an attractive proposition and consider you amongst the probable candidates for the open position. However, the call for an interview is where the real test starts. There is not enough that can be said to emphasize on the importance of a good interview. In fact, it is a make or break situation where you would not want to mess things up by committing silly mistakes        that could have been easily avoided. Here are five things that you must avoid doing at all cost while going for a face-to-face interview:

Getting late for the interview

This is a complete sin with no solution whatsoever. Reaching on time or before time not only tells the recruiter that punctuality is one of your essential virtues but it also reflects the seriousness with which you are pursuing this job opportunity. Being late for the interview might give an impression that you have a lackadaisical attitude and will remain complacent for the rest of your tenure at the company. Of course, there might be exceptional situations or circumstances beyond your control where you might get late, but in such a case you must contact the interviewer and let him know.

Having an inflated resume

This is like the worst mistake that most of us actually commit while starting out our careers.  Your resume is what got the interviewer’s attention initially and if you do not do justice to what all you have mentioned in the CV then it’s akin cheating the employer of his time and efforts. While there are plenty of advices out there which suggest having a professionally written and impressive resume as the best thing ever for your career that doesn’t mean you have to include each and every skill that pertains to your industry, just for the sake of increasing your chances of getting selected. Your bluff would be caught during the face to face round for sure, and what more, you could damage the employer-employee relationship beyond repair.

Bad-mouthing your previous employer

You might have had some genuine issues with your previous manager, but discussing them with the prospective employer on the interview table isn’t going to do any favors to your chances of selection. On the contrary, you will end up looking worse, giving the interviewer a reason to believe that you will foul-mouth about this company as well in case you get hired. Your interviewer doesn’t actually needs to know how terribly you were treated at the previous company and no matter what he asks, do not be tempted to share gossips.

Dressing shabbily

What you wear to the interview has an instant psychological effect on the interviewer. Under normal circumstances also it takes only a cursory look for a human being to form perceptions and opinions about another individual and his dressing is an important factor that counts. Therefore, dressing sloppily might be a greater mistake that we actually realize. How you look is quite important and, every wrinkle or stain on your shirt will put a negative thought in the interviewer’s mind regarding your selection as a probable choice. In addition, it will also be giveaway that attention to detail isn’t your strongest point.

Not asking any questions

If you are serious about the job there must be an entire bouquet full of inquiries about how the company goes about doing its work, what will be your exact contribution to the company’s growth or how will you add value to the company. You asking questions to the interviewer will show an inquisitive nature which is good for the health of the organization. The last question at the end of the interview is, “ If you have any query or question for us?”  Going blank at such times shows that you are underprepared, uninterested and uncaring about the job and your prospects for it.


Ask any career expert and you will come across a dozen or more dos and don’ts regarding job interviews. However, the bottomline is keeping the basics right and playing up to your full potential.

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