5 Points You Should Know About Google’s New Cloud Security

Posted on Jul 7 2014 - 8:56am by Joseph Porter

Google Cloud

It is no truism to observe that frequency of attacks, diversity of threat issues and other security issues is less frequent and pronounced under Google’s new Cloud Security environment than what exists in other current-day IT scenarios. This reality stems from the fact that while other IT domains have blanket embedded security devices and security solutions, Google’s new Cloud security has bespoke, made-to-order and custom built security solutions that cover each and every aspect of security needs and infra structure. Thus, this environment encourages and deploys security controls within their applications and does not use any external security devices.

The five points that need to be known with regard to Google’s new Cloud Security are:

  1. Mobilization of Security Operations Center Services for easy, hassle free and alacritous Security deployment, with or without Security Emergency
  2. Web Applications Firewall Services that offers strong and robust firewalling of security services as and when necessary and deployable
  3. Vulnerability Assessment Services that identifies vulnerable, or weak areas and offers solutions in tune with such service needs
  4. Log Management Services that offer structured, well defined and step-by-step determination of Google Cloud Console
  5. Provision of Intrusion Detection Services that can detect and incapacitate intrusions

Mobilization of Security Operations Center Services:This manned facility offers 24×7 monitoring services that offers continuous and constant vigil and monitoring not only for security controls to be robust and effective, but also to ensure that for every layer in the stack, there is maximum security, with or without Emergency provision. Placed in the context of Google’s new Cloud Security, this could mean that developers could move forward from development to testing to production and endeavor to achieve right levels of security and compliances.

Web Application Firewall Services: This ensures maximum firewall protections against malware, and maleficent entries and offers maximum security, protection and safe coverage of cloud based applications. This also envisages Alerts and Reporting that considers prompt, regular and customary safety procedures and processes.

Vulnerability Assessment Services:This offers major intrusion detection based on agent network assessment and evaluation and non-blocking architecture to offer multi-gigabit scale without obstructing traffic flow.

Log Management Services:Though agent interactions, it is possible for gaining flow of logs that are ready for consumption. Indeed the provision of stable, sustainable and strong LMS ensures speedy and efficient use of benefits of Cloud-enabled services. This goes a long way in ensuring data security, fidelity and safety.

 Intrusion Detection ServicesGiven the kind of high risks involved in cloud-enabled services, it is but natural and needed that prompt and speedy detection and surveillance of intrusions need to be provided, that could successfully meet and destroy malefide intrusions.


Indeed, Google’s Cloud based security is just one of its kind that could attend and address major Issues arising under Cloud based Solution Systems. Future generations and innovations of Cloud could indeed consider innovative practices and solutions for issues that may arise in Cloud based IT environment

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