5 Gadget’s That Will Make You Popular With The Ladies

Posted on Aug 26 2014 - 8:25am by Cherylann Mollan


“My name is Bond, James Bond.”

This dialogue makes the bad guys freeze, and the pretty girls turn weak in the knees. Which man wouldn’t want to be him? He has the looks, he has the style, he has the women and he has the lines. But, what wows us the most is the range of tech-savvy gadgets he sports. Sleek, shiny, futuristic and incredibly hi-tech, these gadgets can make any man green with envy. When you think about it, Mr. Bond too would be pretty helpless without them. After all, charm and sex appeal alone doesn’t make the cut; a man needs cool gadgets too to make a mark!

So guys, take your cue from the man who exemplifies sophistication and manliness and stack up on some cutting-edge gadgets. This will wow the men and woo the women, making you the dapper gentleman everyone wants to rub shoulders with! Here are 5 gadgets you must stack up on. (I’ve given the already-expected water-proof watch, hi-tech phone and latest iPad/laptop a miss. However, it wouldn’t hurt to have these as well.) The gadgets listed here will not only infuse elegance into your lifestyle, but also impress the women who see you using them.

Bartender’s Kit

I just had to make this the first item on the list! Every guy should have a bartender’s kit in his kitchen, or still better, his bar. Women love to see men stir up drinks in style. Why do you think women go gaga over cute bartenders? The way a man pours a drink says a lot about him. The simple bottle to glass is fine when serving male friends but, when you’re mixing up something for the ladies, make sure to be a little more stylish and suave and here’s where your bartender’s kit comes in handy.

Electric Razor

Not many men know this, but women love these things. A man shaving with an electric razor looks so much more stylish than a man struggling the manual way! I’m not being sarcastic because an electric razor really infuses a touch of sophistication into your grooming routine. Besides, electric razors give you a closer shave, and some even leave you with smoother skin. Sexy for the ladies, effortless for you!

Swiss Army Knife

The damsels in distress are always on the lookout for a knight in shining armour, aren’t they? And what does the modern, metrosexual knight carry? A sword is old-fashioned and a gun too creepy, but a shiny, well-equipped Swiss army knife, now that’s just perfect! Whether it’s scaring away the bad guys or helping your lady love open a bottle, a Swiss knife can help you be the macho rescuer in many ways! Besides, it’ll even come in handy when you have to run minor errands for yourself.

High-end Camera

Women love taking selfies! They can pose and pout for hours without feeling tired or embarrassed. It’s but natural then that they also love the instrument that helps them capture these self-portraits, i.e. a camera! The more features and functions the camera has, the prettier they look. If you happen to have such a camera that has a million amazing features, you’re going to get really lucky with the ladies. For sure!

Sports Car

Be it in movies, books or in real life, the suave gentlemen always have themselves a sleek, lustrous, super-fast sports car or cars. And the women love driving them as much as their strong superhero/smart detective partners enjoy driving them. If they don’t drive these babies themselves, they happily permit themselves to be driven around in them. Moral of the story guys, go get yourselves that spunky, hunky sports car. It might be a one-time investment, but it’ll surely be worth it!

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Well, that’s it from my end. Don’t scoff at the list guys, because these little items (I agree, some of them are quite big) will surely invite positive female attention. So start saving, and then, start spending!

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