Five Arrested In China For Teenager Illegal Organ Transplant, Money Which He Gets Let Him Buy Apple’s New iPhone And iPad 2

Posted on Apr 9 2012 - 9:56am by Editorial Staff

Called to be as a poor thing but it happens in real. A seventeen-year old teenager sold his kidney to buy a new iPhone and iPad 2. The incident took last year in which five people have been charged in China. Xinhua reported that the five, including a surgeon and other medical staff, received around 220,000 yuan ($35,000) for the transplant. They have been charged with intentional injury. Several other suspects are still under investigation.

The teenager, only identified by the surname ‘Wang’, received 22,000 yuan ($3,500) for his kidney. iPhones cost around 3,988 yuan ($633) and an iPad costs about 2,988 yuan ($474). He may be able to buy the gadget but because of this he has to suffer from lifelong health issues. The question that puts up the mark is the cost of gadget is worth a kidney or a human body?v

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