Firefox Shares Its Plans For 2012 And Discusses Its Success In 2011

Posted on Mar 15 2012 - 6:23am by Editorial Staff

Mozilla had just released the latest version of Firefox browser – the version 11 and over on the time, Mozilla though its blog post discussed its success in the previous year 2011 and what the current 2012 years hold for the company. Mozilla seems to think that branding could have something to do with it. Mozilla has been in a back and forth fight for the #2 browser spot with Chrome over the past six months.

We moved into new releases every 6 weeks of Firefox, to ensure both new features and fixes got out there faster to end users, instead of having to wait up to one year before – enabling a better web for end users and web developers alike. A concern was raised was about enterprises and releases, and therefore we established the Extended Support Release for Organizations. There were also questions about add-on compatibility and update approach, that is covered below for 2012.

Version numbers will play a lesser and lesser role for users, but they will still matter to web developers, IT administrators and similar. The reason for having major version number bumps (e.g. version 6 to 7, 7 to 8, etc) is that new versions have had cases of non-backward compatible APIs, and the version number have been there to signal that it is not a minor release or maintenance update.

To continue and giving much better shape the Firefox aims for 2012:

To cater to update fatigue, updates will now be downloaded and installed silently in the background. It means that startup and shutdown of the web browser won’t be affected by installation routines. Additionally, the What’s New page displayed after an update can now be displayed depending if there is important information needed to be displayed to the end user. Silent updates are currently planned to land in Firefox 13.

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