Firefox 11 Available Unofficially For Download A Day Prior To Release

Posted on Mar 13 2012 - 7:40am by Editorial Staff

Surprise! Surprise and more Surprise! This is what Mozilla seems bringing for all. Firefox 11 version which may not be scheduled for a release until tomorrow, but what the version is available for downloads onto Download Crew and Major Geeks. The new version improves upon the last released Firefox 10 version.

The new version includes new features: import bookmarks, history, and cookies from Google Chrome and the synchronization of add-ons across computers and a few bug fixes: Firefox 11 will now work properly with Growl 1.3 and later and several Developer features, such as SPDY protocol.

Over on the above news, Mozilla told The Verge that, “these builds are not final and are still going through QA testing. Mozilla also notes that the early downloads from FTP put a strain on its servers — so all in all it’s best to just hold off until tomorrow.”

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