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Posted on Sep 27 2013 - 12:28am by Jeff Alexander

Sydney Opera House

We, as humans, naturally crave food. We eat to live. But then there are those that live to eat – the few that crave not just food, but quality food; a fine dining experience. To them I recommend a vacation to Australia’s and, arguably, the world’s food capital; Sydney.

Sydney is a city that revolves around food, where every street corner has a café and every soul has the love for food. From a cheap Thai take-away to an exquisite, high-class, restaurant, the city has it all. Just catch one of the countless Sydney flights and enjoy some of the best food you have ever had. Whether you’re a fan of Intercontinental, Thai, Chinese, Indian or any other cuisine, you will find it all.

The Quay

Located within the Overseas Passenger Terminal is the Quay – considered by many to be the paramount of all fine dining experiences. The main chef – Peter Gilmore – is able to deliver a profusion of tastes and textures that diners instantly fall in love with. You can choose to have 4 to 10 courses, depending on your appetite and budget that will continue to ignite your taste buds over and over again till the last course is done with. Other than excellence in food, you will find an equivalent excellence in the atmosphere. The fine diner is beautifully designed and has glamorous views of the Bridge and Harbor.


Sepia – a restaurant located in Sydney’s Sussex Street – is comparatively simpler than, say Quay, with reference to atmosphere and glamour. However, the reason for this is that Sepia’s chef, Martin Benin, makes up for this with his inventive and surprising food art. His food blurs out the diner’s surroundings and shuts out the rest of the world, leaving nothing but the diner and his dish. Some of his famous dishes such as the ‘Sushi Nigiri’ – a scrumptious smoked fish with rice – will almost send you into a state of nirvana where nothing else matters. Martin Benin is particularly known for his artistic desserts such as the ‘Autumn Leaves’ which are worth travelling across half the globe for. The Sepia is a symbol of creativity and innovation that many diners choose over other, more aesthetically superior, dining options.

Mr. Wong

Chinese restaurants can be found anywhere, but none can be found like the restaurant of 2012; Mr. Wong. The restaurant has an atmosphere that sends one back in time to the old Shanghai. The exquisite food available is a result of sophisticated cooking at the hands of some of the best chefs from China herself. What’s astonishing about the place is that the menu has the traditional Chinese food to offer, some of which is available at any Chinese restaurant, but the dishes are so gorgeous, delectable and fine that no other Chinese diner can match – while your local Chinese take away doesn’t stand a chance. Mr. Wong is a place more Chinese than China itself. It’s a place where diners wait in lines for the next free table.

The list of some of the world’s best restaurants can go on and on never endingly. Any true food lover would already have been convinced and has probably already booked their tickets to Australia. For those that haven’t, cheap Australia flights can be booked online quite easily so stop reading and start working up an appetite, because your taste buds will not let you stop for a second.

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