Fedora Project Launches Version 17, Dubbed ‘Beefy Miracle’

Posted on May 30 2012 - 5:01am by Editorial Staff

Fedora, an open source operating system has released version 17, dubbed as “Beefy Miracle,” of its project. The version marked an important milestone for all those who are connected to it. Here’s what they had to say about version 17:

At the heat of a thousand hot dog cookers, the seventeenth release of Fedora shall be forged by contributors the world over, and it will be known as: Beefy Miracle. The mustard shall indicate progress.

Upon release, a free and open source operating system shall be available to all, catering to a variety of tastes — those of end-users, systems administrators, and developers, with a common thread that binds them all: No, not their love for hot dogs, silly, as we certainly know that Fedora shall be created and used by those whose dietary preference could be either Beefy or Leafy.  Freedom, my friends, Freedom is the Great Condiment, which shall enable all users of the Beefy Miracle to Create, Share, and Do.

You can get Fedora 17 Desktop Edition for free, right now.

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