Factors To Consider While Performing SEO (Internet Marketing)

Posted on Feb 24 2013 - 8:01pm by Editorial Staff

When it comes to internet marketing the number of clicks, hits or views, gives the idea of the websites viewership. So the bigger the number, the more the visitors and to keep these numbers high you need to understand how the search engine works


The search engines algorithm gets more and more complicated on every update to make sure that the most relevant information is showed to its users. There is no hard and fast rule that will get the work done. This article is intended to give a head start by discussing the key points on what works and what doesn’t.

1. Not having an onsite content strategy:

With the best search engine being Google, let’s talk about how it works. Google’s latest Panda algorithm has the ability to distinguish between high quality and low quality content. This update makes it harder to get rated high just by playing with keywords. This latest algorithm also takes into account quality of inbound and outbound links, length of the content, titles, sub-titles, text formatting and social media linked to the site.

2. Not having quality backlinks:

Backlinks are the paths that lead viewers to your site. You can buy backlinks to your site but they may not work. It’s not just about the number of backlinks that count but also the quality of the backlink i.e. the source of the backlink. Google has a dedicated wing to detect backlink spammers so if the source is found to be untrustworthy it is blocked. Hence it becomes essential to have a strategy to get connected to good and reputed sources. It is time consuming and laborious, but well worth doing.

3. Not giving it enough time:

SEO is not spreading out the word about your presence, like an ad campaign. With ad campaigns you get a lot of visitors in a short span of time. SEO works like charm on the long run as it helps you reach dedicated and quality viewership. More than 80% of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) keep changing daily, so it is not wise to look at SEO as a short term investment and expect numbers shooting up in a short time span. Hence always dedicate more time to the SEO campaign as it brings you 5 – 10 times the organic traffic compared to PPC (paid per click) campaign.

4. Deficient budget to the SEO campaign:

As described earlier SEO is more like branding, so it takes a lot of time, effort and money to get the product branded. So if you want to create a strong brand in the market then you need to dedicate more funds over a longer period of time.

5. Single player:

The complete work of online marketing is too hard to be handled by a single person and at the same time it does not need a large team. You can split up the online marketing into 3 categories – Content Management, AD Campaign and SEO. The most important of all, content management can be sorted out economically with the aid of freelance writers. The ad campaigns can be managed by pioneers in the industry like Google Ad Words. The SEO work can be given out to expert agencies in the market.

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