Facebook’s Last Hackathon Before Going Public Is On The Go

Posted on May 18 2012 - 4:07am by Editorial Staff

Finally it is Facebook day in which we are few hours away from the world’s largest social giant going to be public – Yes finally it is, company earlier today has finalized its per share value to $38 (if in case you missed out), furthermore, this per share value means a total valuation of whooping $104 billion – a huge big numbers.

This above is one such picture which shows amazingly how Facebook brings a lot with a (lot) of hard work, strategy, planning and not to forget the social giant’s favourite part – the excitement. Well, we know Fb as one of the coolest company in the world so it do have its own way to celebrate the happenings – one of this is hackathon – as we reported yesterday that company plans for a full night hacker event that lasts till the time Zuckerberg rings the Nasdaq bell.

Here’s the proof, courtesy of Facebook Director of Product Blake Ross:

Facebook’s 31st hackathon will kick off from this spot in just a few hours. Thousands of people from across the company will stay up all night long to build brand new Facebook products. Then, at 6:30AM, Mark will open the NASDAQ from this spot and Facebook will begin trading on the public stock markets.

What should we work on tonight? What features or fixes would you most like to see in Facebook? — at Facebook HQ.

This clearly shows that the hackathon is not a rumor, this is what the company holding right now.

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