Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube And Other Social Sites Accused Of Reading Private Text Messages

Posted on Feb 27 2012 - 6:43am by CONTRIBUTOR

Editor’s Note: Guest Author Sachin Mishra is in the process of finishing his Computer Science engineering, and having a wide interest in the field of Web Designing and Development.

Facebook having over 300 Million users’ which shares information and private text messages and photos, knowing through some reference, the social sites on an whole, can access the private text messages they are accused in terms of privacy.

Facebook and Twitter became embroiled in terms of privacy because they store all information of users on servers. But few smart phone users said his private text messages & information has been accessed. Adding to this video sharing site YouTube spokesman shared that, “YouTube doesn’t have capabilities to store text message or read text messages but it has capabilities to store calling information. “

Interestingly, as we all know that smartphone users want to download apps on internet need to agree the terms and condition so that developers said to have the right to access and inspect the user’s information but also sighting that the collection of information is not for any “other” purpose.

If we go by social network giant Facebook spokesperson words, Facebook not read any of the user’s messages as the applications require a prior permission to access the private messages and information. Concluding it as an interesting note, Sunday times stated that, Facebook, Yahoo and Flickr – all of   them accepted that they do read   private text messages and information through the smart phones embedded with Android application.

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