Facebook, World’s Largest Social Network on a Prime Target for Cybercrime – How You can Keep Yourself Safe?

Posted on Jan 15 2012 - 11:40am by Karan Chopra

With more than 800 million users, Facebook is arguably the most dominant social networking platform in the world. The social network’s popularity keeps on increasing day by day resulting into a prime target for cybercriminals.

An average, 50 percent of Facebook’s more than 800M+ users, log on to Facebook during any given day.  With this, one can imagine or even think a bit that how much cybercrime happens on Facebook. Approximate 4 million Facebook users experience spam on a daily basis, 20% of Facebook users have been exposed to malware and Facebook, sees an average of about 6,00,000 cases of hijacked logins every day.

Zone Alarm detailed what to do and what not to do for staying safe on the world’s largest social network, “Facebook”. Zone Alarm points out six simple reminders, from creating a simple password to turning on https:// (secure HTTP) browsing on your Facebook settings.

(Image Source: Facebook)

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