Facebook: Site Still Only For Above 13

Posted on May 21 2012 - 5:09pm by Editorial Staff

Surprising but still true – Facebook turns into a public company on Friday but it still not having any plans to open its door for kids (under 13) – a Sunday Times report had stated that Facebook might open a public debate on overturning the minimum-age requirement.

In the report Simon Milner, head of policy in Britain for Facebook was quoted, “a lot of parents are happy their kids are on. We would like to hear from people what the answer might be [in a debate on the issue].” Milner comments appeared under the headline, “Under-13s may be let into Facebook fold.”

Milner told The Telegraph: “We have no idea how The Sunday Times concluded that we are opening up to under-13s from the conversation Simon Milner had with them. All we have said is what we have been saying for months – that minors on Facebook and the internet is an important issue – and we want to work with the broader industry to look at ways of keeping minors safe. The headline …from the Times is no reflection of that conversation.”

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