Facebook Improves Conversations With Replies

Posted on Mar 26 2013 - 12:19am by Editorial Staff

Facebook starting from today launched a new comments feature designed in lieu to improve conversations experience. From now onwards, you and your readers will have the ability to reply directly to comments left on your Page content and start conversation threads, which in turn make it easier for you to interact with readers directly and keep relevant conversations rolling and connected.

Facebook Commenting System

If, this is not only make it perfect, then to add on here that you will also see the most active and engaging conversations among your readers at the top of your posts suggesting that people who visit your Page will see the best conversations on top. In order to opt-into Replies through Page admin panel in the Manage Permissions section you will see a prompt to turn Replies on. Once you opt-in, you will be able to able to opt-out but all of your Pages will have this feature enabled by July 10, 2013 only.

In case, if your page already having over 10,000 followers, the feature will be automatically turned on for profiles. On starting up, this feature will be debuted only on desktop and while the social giant working towards to make it available in the Graph API as well as on mobile in the future. The new feature is the result of months of testing and finally it is here to have great conversations going.

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