Facebook Adds Organ Donor Status To Timeline

Posted on May 1 2012 - 11:59am by Editorial Staff

The social giant is well known about connecting and sharing with friends, family and communities and sharing information with them about your life, work, school and interests. Facebook now moving a step further introduces an organ donor status to Timeline. Facebook on any given day more than half a billion people share billions of stories, updates and photos. The move has the potential to help the over 114,000 people in the US and millions abroad waiting for transplants, both by spreading knowledge about organ transplantation and providing an online record of your registration.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO announced the feature on Good Morning America this morning, where he also provided details about where the idea came from. Zuckerberg said both his relationships with his medical school girlfriend and with Steve Jobs inspired the feature. From here you can fill in when and where you registered to be a donor and add a personal story about your decision, if you’re so inclined. Facebook also provides a link to help you find the appropriate registry if you haven’t yet officially signed up. It looks like the update isn’t live everywhere yet (it’s working for us in the UK but not in Japan), but it sounds like Facebook’s planning to roll this out worldwide.

(Image Source: Facebook)

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