Exciting Winter Travel Holidays

Posted on Oct 31 2014 - 11:30pm by Editorial Staff


With the weather taking a surprisingly balmy turn this autumn, the impetus to jump on a plane in order to escape the usually chilly and wet autumnal weather hasn’t been as pressing as in years previous. We shan’t be fooled though; in the immortal words of George RR Martin, ‘winter is coming’, and forecasts across the northern hemisphere paint a rather bleak, white picture for the dark upcoming months! With dismal weather set to bear down upon us, a holiday to sunnier climes is a thing we could all use, though with sunbathing holidays having been done time and time again, where are the best places you can visit this winter to have a more exciting trip away?


Africa is well into its dry season now, and as such right now is the best time to hop on a plane to Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana or South Africa with the aim of seeing the amazing wildlife that saturates the continent. With water holes less frequent and riverbeds drying fast, animals are more likely to congregate together in the few wet areas left, meaning no endless, unproductive drives through the wilderness! Kenya’s Masai Mara national park or Tanzania’s simply epic Ngorongo Crater are excellent places to visit, and you’ll get both your vitamin D and animal fixes, all in one!


Being in the centre of the Nevada desert makes Sin City a great destination for those that crave a little warmth but find sitting around on a beach a little too boring. With hundreds of casinos, shows, restaurants and everything in-between, Vegas is a great destination. Just make sure to practice your casino gaming skills before you go; a couple of games at JackpotCityCasino.com will improve your skills and get you set to win big when you experience the real thing, as well as securing your bank balance in the process!


White beaches and blue skies indeed are a part of this Mexican town, located on the east coast of the Yucatan peninsula, but there’s far more at this sun- bleached spot than first meets the eye. The town plays host to many ancient Mayan ruins and has a glut of delicious restaurants, electrifying bars and boutique hotels. Nearby is the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve; hire a local guide and see the amazing wetland and mangrove habitats, filled with all manner of exotic creatures and coral reefs.


Not particularly well known in the west, Macedonia is an undiscovered gem in Eastern Europe. This time of the year it’s great for snowboarding, but still warm enough to enjoy a glass of wine on the chalet terrace after you’ve hit the slopes!

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