Ex-Yahoo CEO Thompson Has Cancer, Told Board

Posted on May 14 2012 - 6:59am by Editorial Staff

Adding more glitter to Yahoo’s ongoing drama, there is a new entry today (there is no surety how much it would be true or not), but before resigning (or replacing) Yahoo’s ex-CEO (now) Scott Thompson earlier today, reportedly told the board that he has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

The WSJ report noted only that “[t]he decision to step down was in part influenced by Mr. Thompson’s cancer diagnosis,” a curiously detached — and presumably face-saving — way of describing what looked more like a palace coup.

Well, now talking about the possibilities that whether it would be correct or not. First taking the point that if Thompson’s words are correct regarding the cancer, than, do why he is waiting only till the time when Daniel Loeb asked the board to replace him. Why not he has taken a leave earlier? even at least a day before the whole this started. But no he does not.

Now, second agreeable his words are correct, but what role Thompson’s alleged medical disclosure played in his departure from Yahoo. Both the points not making some viable sense as all the things totally winded up. Agreeable that he might be diagnosed with cancer and all, but does he is only waiting for the time when Daniel Loeb hit it back so hard that he does need to resign from his position in the company. Strange!

Yahoo on Sunday said Mr. Thompson was resigning as CEO and would be succeeded by Ross Levinsohn, a senior Yahoo executive who becomes interim CEO. Yahoo also announced a deal to end a proxy fight with Third Point LLC, which is a large shareholder of the Sunnyvale, California, Internet Company.

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