EU: Google’s New Single Policy Breaks European Law

Posted on Mar 2 2012 - 7:48am by Editorial Staff

Over earlier this week, we reported that the European Union France-led investigation stated that Google’s new privacy policy may violates the European Law, confirming over on this EU justice commissioner Vivian Reading says it breaches the union’s law. Google, whose new single policy is into effect since from yesterday, March 1st – consolidating 60 products different privacy policies into one – in order to make things clearer and simpler.

Reading told the BBC that “the new rules are not in accordance with the European law, and that the transparency rules have not been applied,” adding that another issue is that “nobody had been consulted” about the changes from the Google side before implementing them. Reading also stated that the search giant who earlier explained that the company has “undertaken the most extensive user education campaign in our history” to inform users about the privacy changes, not been enough as it is required to.

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