Essential Tools Every DIY Lover Needs On Their Belt

Posted on Jul 18 2016 - 7:45pm by Editorial Staff

DIY is such an all-encompassing hobby that it’s difficult to prepare for every eventuality. There are literally hundreds of jobs which will each require a set of specialist tools, and you may not be equipped for all of them.

In order to combat this effect, there are some tools which are absolutely essential. These are the bits of kit that you’ll find the most use for, and will complete the most amount of jobs. Sure, you could buy hundreds of different items to cover yourself in every situation, but why bother? You’ll end up shelling out more than is necessary.

Instead, just shell out for these, and you’ll see your DIY game take a significant step forward.

Paint sprayer

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Ever painted that garden fence manually? It’s a real pain. Ever painted your whole house manually? It’s even more of a pain!

If you want to, uh… spray paint with a bit more ease, consider buying a paint sprayer. As the name eloquently implies, you’ll be handed the ability to complete lengthy painting jobs in a handful of minutes. Even better, you’ll end up using less and less paint. The canister can only store so much, so you won’t be allowed to keep spraying to your hearts content.

Diamond tools

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Sure, you could spend hours chipping away at that concrete slab, but why bother? Your tools probably aren’t sharp or strong enough to shape and hone it to the smoothness you desire. This in mind, you could look into diamond tooling to give you that sharper edge and make dealing with hard concrete materials much easier.

Diamond tools also have other applications, too. Because of how sharp and hard they are, it’s easier to scrub surfaces and remove paint and coatings. You’re bound to find a use for something like this across your DIY-endeavors, given the amount of tasks just waiting to be made easier.

Claw hammer

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Everyone has a hammer, but do you have a claw hammer? They’re essential for extracting nails from tight holes and removing staples, among other functions. These other functions include, well… being able to hammer!

You can probably buy actual dedicated hammers that are more powerful, but it’s the multiple uses of a claw hammer that are the USP.

Staple gun

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So now you can remove those staples, it’s time to place them down! Staple guns get overlooked in the DIY pantheon rather frequently, but they shouldn’t be. From pinning down fabrics to holding insulation in place, staple guns have a wide array of uses. Just be careful not to get your fingers!

Safety goggles

And last but certainly not least, it’s safety first! Or safety last… whichever you fancy. I can’t promise those staples won’t fire into your hands, but with this, I can promise they won’t go in your eyes. DIY is fun, that’s for sure, but it can also be dangerous for the inexperienced hands. Better safe than sorry!

So, if DIY isn’t your jam, hopefully we’ve given you the confidence and education to get back out there! Thanks for reading.

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