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Posted on Aug 4 2015 - 3:19pm by Editorial Staff

Gadget and Gizmo

Whether you are a seasoned traveler with experience of trotting the globe, or a newbie brimming with wanderlust, there’s no doubt that packing the right kit makes life on the road simpler. Today there are many travel gadgets available and the bewildering choice means it’s hard to home in on the best stuff.

What makes a good travel gadget? You will be responsible for carrying your luggage around, so items that are lightweight and compact are essential. It is also wise to look for multipurpose items that cover a number of roles.

Here we have sorted out the great gadgets from the gimmicks and give you our pick of the travel goods that could make all the difference on your adventures:

Translation revelation

If foreign lands are on the itinerary, foreign languages will be too, and unless you are an exceptional linguist, you may need help with communications. The perfect gadget to play the role of your personal translator is the Sigmo voice translation device. Able to translate twenty-five languages in real time, this gadget lets you converse and connect with the locals with just the touch of a button. Getting the most out of exploring new cultures is all about speaking to the people who live there, so the Sigmo is a gadget that will really enhance and enrich your travels.

Traveler’s timekeeper

Experienced backpackers and travelers know that moving across varied time zones and sleeping in different beds every night can be a little disorientating. Be sure to stick a reliable and easy to use alarm clock in your pack to keep you on time and updated. The glow in the dark travel alarm clock with built in thermometer available from Carol Wright makes a wonderful travel companion, and because it is battery operated, you never have to worry about finding a way of recharging it. With an easy to read face and useful thermometer function, this compact clock will be invaluable on the move. Head over to Carol Wright to check out the many useful travel products available online, designed to make your trips run smoothly.

Charging up

With the increase in travel gadgetry comes the need for recharging. Whatever electronic devices you bring along, many of them will need regular boosts of power. Finding a lightweight charger that serves a number of devices simultaneously is the best option. Products such as the AViiQ are able to juice up four devices from a single plug outlet at the same time, using only one cable. Handy in places like airports or where power outlets are limited, the AViiQ is lightweight and comes in a useful, slim travel pack. When you consider the dimensions of this well designed power pack and the fact that only a single cable is required, the benefits are clear.

Don’t lose it

Say goodbye to lost luggage with the ingenious luggage tracker device, Trakdot. This small but powerful gadget lets you keep track of your luggage anywhere in the world. When you are traveling for a long time, every item in your luggage becomes indispensable and the upset and misery caused by bags, backpacks or suitcases that go astray is enough to derail most travel plans. Trakdot works anywhere you can use a mobile phone; it sends helpful and reassuring texts to you during air travel and helps connect you quickly with your luggage after disembarkation. For regular travelers and those country-hopping on extended trips, Trakdot provides a high-tech safety net to prevent your luggage going somewhere without you.

Home comforts on the move

Finally, for those travelers who simply can’t get started in the morning without a jolt of caffeine, consider the Minipresso. Weighing in modestly at less than a pound and not taking up much space at all in your luggage, it allows you to knock up a morning espresso to wake you up. Any Caffitaly capsules are compatible with this compact gadget, or for real coffee geeks there is a model that takes filtered –  all you need do is add hot water and pump yourself a delicious, full-flavored cup of home. Perfect for those on the move, staying in hostels, camping or hotels where a good espresso is hard to find.

Wherever you wander or roam across the globe, let specially designed travel technology, gadgets and products make life simpler. The constant traveler is making snap decisions on the go all the time and needs to be able to rely on kit to do the job. If you are planning a  world trip and are about to start researching the market for the best goods to stow in your backpack, save yourself time and start with these great travel buddies.

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