Eric Schmidt’s MWC Keynote On Google’s YouTube Page

Posted on Mar 1 2012 - 6:41am by Editorial Staff

If you follow our coverage of Mobile World Congress event, you’ll surely remember Google Executive Eric Schmidt keynote speech. In it, Schmidt discusses about the futures of technology in developing countries urging how its services will place a key role in an ecosystems that rely solely on the web for almost every medium i.e. for information, communication and even more for business. Schmidt’s in his keynote didn’t speak much about Google products and services but during the question and answer portion, he was asked about the Google search and advertising future.

While we covered many of the highlights, Schmidt’s full speech has been uploaded to YouTube, so you can watch the whole thing yourself. You’ll also see his question-and-answer session, where he was asked about many things including the question about privacy concerns. Well there is a lot to explore, so we better feel have a look at the video (below).

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