EPIC Files An Emergency Appeal Over Google’s ‘Single Giant’ Privacy Policy

Posted on Feb 27 2012 - 6:54pm by Editorial Staff

The Electronic Privacy Information Center, (or EPIC) – whatever the name we use derive the same organization but it is not seeing to take its desire to have investigation by the Federal Trade Commission over Google’s change in privacy policy. The organization announced today its plans to appeal that decision, and is again urging to push the ruling by March 1st – the date on the other side when Google is completely changing its 60 product policies into one.

EPIC in its concerned note is deeply keen in knowing what the changes means in terms of Google’s users right to privacy and how the search giant is going to safeguard users’ personal data – on an whole the organization claims that Google did not fully over on the order from the FTC, which states that Google need to answer the questions in detailed manner. The court ruled out that only FTC has the right to decide whether or not Google violated the consent order whereas EPIC has no rights to get involved over the matter.

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