Effective Ways To Advertise Your E-commerce Store

Posted on Apr 10 2015 - 8:38am by Editorial Staff


E-commerce is a huge industry and the competition is stiff. The only way to compete against so many other online merchants is to utilise a highly effective marketing campaign. Whether you are new to e-commerce or are trying to expand your reach, there are a number of effective ways to advertise your ecig business and e-commerce store. Here are a few suggestions that have been successful time and again for ecig advertising pros.

Get Involved with Social Media

Today’s marketing needs to employ some form of social media involvement. This is the absolute best way to engage with your audience. The fact is, people like to know who they are buying from and why so many local mom and pop stores have quite a loyal following. Customers know the owners, respect them and give them their repeat business, even if their prices are higher than the big chains.

Highly Focused SEO Content

It might appear as though search engine optimized (SEO) content is a thing of the past, but nothing could be further from the truth. Not only can SEO content gain you higher rankings in the SERPs, but it can also help to establish brand. SEO content should be strategically placed on your e-commerce store and also link back to your site from blogs and sites that allow guest posting. However, not all SEO traffic is equal. Just because your content is optimized for the search engines doesn’t mean they will boost your rank. If the content isn’t relevant and informative, you won’t get any brownie points with Google.

Image Based Marketing

Taking into consideration just how busy most people are, image based marketing is the way to go. Users can quickly glance at pictures of your products and if that picture interests them, they will most likely click through to your store. Image based marketing is highly successful in generating traffic, but once they get to your site, it should be designed to convert. There’s only so much advertising can do. It can ‘lead them to water but it can’t make them drink.’ That’s the job of web design and development.

A Few Words about Branding

Literally everything you do is all about brand. From your involvement with social media to content, right through to image based marketing campaigns, the purpose is to imprint your company’s name on the brain of a potential customer. When they think of electronic cigarettes for example, the ecig marketing you employed should make them only think of your web store. That’s branding and that is your ultimate goal.

By combining an effective marketing strategy with a professionally designed website, you can run a profitable e-commerce store. Let marketing draw them in, then let your amazing design keep them there long enough to convert them. Just remember, as stated above, there is only so much marketing can do. Unless you’ve focused on conversions once your marketing team gets them to your store, all that marketing will do you no good. It’s a combined effort proven to work.

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