Some Of The Most Economic Cars Of 2014

Posted on Nov 24 2014 - 9:20am by Charlie Brown

The Nissan Versa 1.6 S Sedan

Editor’s Note: The article is written in collaboration with Dale Cooper. Dale Cooper is the owner of a fantastic car workshop, and enjoys sharing his knowhow with followers on his blog when he is not engaged in restoring wrecked vehicles or preparing salvaged cars for sale.

The automobile world has come up with some amazingly affordable cars. There are some excellent choices for those who are interested to buy good cars at cheap prices. Often due to financial constraints many of you consider choosing from thousands of inexpensive salvaged cars for sale. However, some brilliant models have been designed and launched keeping in mind those with a small budget. Generally speaking cars that are available today are extremely efficient and some of the basic models have better features and performance levels than some much acclaimed and costlier cars we had two decades ago. Here’s a well-thought out and thoroughly researched list of top cheapest cars available for sale in the American Automobile Market in the year 2014.

The Nissan Versa 1.6 S Sedan

Priced at $12,800 Inclusive of Destination Charge

This could be real value for money as it is the most economic car to hit the American auto scene. Unlike your expectations, the cheapest car is definitely not an undersized econobox. It is quite suitable for using as a family car and it offers just about same space as most mid-sized sedans do. The Toyota Camry base-model costs slightly less than double the price of this particular car. Very simple styling, but Versa’s standard equipment includes a CD stereo and air conditioning. The options that are available to you are priced quite reasonably. The highest in the Versa echelon comes with an automatic transmission, power windows and also, locks, alloy wheels, Bluetooth and navigation; costs even less than the most inexpensive Honda Civic.

The Smart ForTwo Pure

Priced at $13,240

Two-seater Smart cars have always been considered a joke by most Americans; the undeniable truth is that they make pretty good entry-level cars. The ForTwo Pure may not fare as well when compared to other cars in its segment like the Spark, Versa and Mirage; it manages to pack in automatic transmission, comfortable seating for two passengers, and an incredibly spacious trunk. You may also opt for the Cabriolet model with a foldable cloth roof, which when combined with the car’s unique form factor make an excellent novelty option which will catch eyes wherever you go. You may pay a little extra and avail air conditioning too.

The Mitsubishi Mirage DE

Priced at $13,790

The men at Mitsubishi take their work seriously. They’ve priced the Mirage DE brilliantly, and have packed in all the good features you would expect, a stereo, power windows and mirrors, centrally controlled power locks, and an air conditioner as well. The 74 hp 3-cylinder engine may seem like a joke, but does not compromise on performance. It makes the most of the brilliant ergonomics and lightweight design to provide an excellent 34 MPG on city roads and 42 on the highway which fares surprisingly similarly when compared to hybrid or even diesel cars.

Kia Rio LX Sedan

Priced at $14,700

The Kia Rio is an excellent car in this price bracket. It has quite a distinctive appearance, much powerful engine fairing at 138-hp as compared to other cars in this segment. It offers an incredible warranty period that extends to 10 years or 100,000 miles. The car comes with standard equipment that includes air conditioning, satellite radio, USB and 3.5mm audio input, six-speed manual gear transmission, and also, 4 wheel disc brakes. If you wish to buy a hatchback model you could get it at just $100 more.

The Ford Fiesta S

Priced at $14,795

One of the foremost names when it comes to budget cars, it has always been the Ford Fiesta. Although it has recently taken a price hike of nearly $800 this year, it now has a fantastic front end, and a stylish, functional dashboard. You now have an a/c, a good FM/AM radio with a 3.5mm jack as well. The drive offered by the Fiesta is best-in-class, and it delivers not only great mileage but also fantastic control on curvy or bumpy roads. You’ll have a lot of fun with the Fiesta. 

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