Driving For Beginners – What To Take Care Of And What Not?

Posted on Dec 18 2017 - 1:36pm by Editorial Staff

So you have your hands on your first car. It may not be the first edition, or have the paint in all places, it may have a few dents here and there; but you love it and it’s your priced possession.There may come a day when you get your heart set on another car, and deal this one at the nearest cash for cars outlet, but that day is not now and we can talk about that when the time comes. For now, you are on your first vehicle and are excited to go on those road trips that you have chalked out in detail in your head. But before you set out here are a few things you might want to keep in mind before doing that.

Getting to know your vehicle

Many a times we get so carried away with the excitement of it all, we rarely pay attention to the peripheries of driving, like the mechanics of the vehicle you are driving. Cars are mechanical machines that many a times malfunction in the worst of situations- in the middle of your long drive when you have long left home and the nearest service station, in the middle of nowhere with no soul in sight, or at a weird hour when you are less likely to find help. In such a situation, you are your best help. So before you set your sight on a long road trip, get your hands dirty by changing the tires. It always helps to know the basics of yourcar.

Being confident counts

So you have a driver’s licence, and that should be proof enough that you are good to go right? Well it is not all black and white. Driving when you’re training or with someone by your side and driving when you are by yourself, are two very different things. And no matter how competent you think you are after receiving your licence, you ought to have confidence in your ability to handle that hunk of metal on the road.

Keeping your confidence in check

A confident driver is a good driver, but once that confidence goes on overdrive, that is when you can get dangerous. Car chases, road egos, impromptu races are all things that may seem like a good idea in your head but can have dangerous consequences. Confidence on overdrive can also land you with a DUI and you know too well where that lands up. It is important to remember that when you are on the road, you not only have a responsibility towards your safety, but also others on theroad.

Get the big picture

You must have heard people say, that when you drive your eyes need to be on the road. When you drive, it is easy to get distracted by something that moved across the road, or another car with a different colour or design. While these distractions can be trouble, the bigger problem is getting your sight fixed on the road. People who drive tend to look at the car just in front to them – this is a bad habit. Try instead to get into the rhythm of keeping your eyes far down the road. Another great tip is to always keep moving your eyes, so that you don’t get bored and conk off on the wheel.

When you are driving stick to driving

Another thing people do or think they can do behind the wheels is multitask. Whether it is answering the phone, texting someone, touching up their make up or even drinking or eating, drivers tend to get a little too comfortable sometimes and this also can spell out disaster. When you are moving 40 or even 60km/h all you need to do is keep those eyes on the road and not on the mirror or the phone.

Get acquainted with difficult driving

Driving a car has its days, there are times when you have a wide road, with cars scattered around like confetti, but there are other times when the road is packed, and you have to manoeuvre your way through. There are times when you will find yourself and your car stuck in a narrow route, or in an alley that has only one way in or out, or perhaps you have to park your car in parallel. These things may make you cringe now, but it is better to prepare yourself for those situations before you face them.

But most importantly 

HAVE FUN! Yes, that’s right, something that still tops the list, despite all those previous pointers, and that is having fun. Yes, driving can be fun, and it is ok to enjoy it. There are a lot of people (and I don’t mean the ones who have glamorous driving jobs) who absolutely love to drive. There is a reason why so many people on the planet drive. Like all good things, just remember to do it responsibly and you should be fine.

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