Draw Something Losing Popularity Soon After Zynga Acquisition

Posted on May 15 2012 - 5:26am by Editorial Staff

Seems like Zynga will definitely get a heart attack as the company which paid $210 million for the game sees a lose of 100,000 users over the last seven days. This probably is a smaller number of its 9.1 million Daily Active users, but when compared against all of the other games it is a big number, percentage-wise. Its Daily Active Users (DAU) count has plummeted by over four million in just one month since it was purchased. It seems to be an expensive flop for Zynga which paid $210 million for the game which hit 50 million downloads in April. Looking like the social gaming company quickly seduced over the fact that what changes it is bringing in the company resulting into more losses (with the result already in front of us).

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