Done With Undergraduation – What Next?

Posted on Feb 20 2017 - 11:55pm by Editorial Staff

You have spent the last three or four years toiling through the week and spending sleepless nights over your coursework and assignments. You will soon finish your course and then suddenly you might find yourself right in the middle of the crowd of the mature people world, without nowhere to go. There might be a few focussed ones who have planned their days ahead and are preparing for their GRE or GMAT for their higher studies. But if you are not still sure of what to do next, here are a few options.

Take a Gap year

We start with the something that sounds the best. After years of work, you deserve a vacation and taking a gap year is the best gift you can give yourself. During this year, you may choose to travel to your favourite holiday destination or try out something new like criss cross across a new country altogether. Alternatively, you might just want to stay back and commit to a voluntary organization and work with them towards a cause you believe in.

Take a part time job

A part time job is a great option to build the finances you need to take a holiday. You could do a job for six or eight months and then book a good four month holiday across India or go globetrotting. Additionally, it will also keep you busy, pay your bills and give you sufficient time to think about what you would like to do next. The best minds in the world have stumbled upon the best of ideas while doing menial part time jobs.

Take a full time job

You might have been offered a job before your graduation and you are now contemplating whether to take it or not. A decision like this might seem like a big stressful one but what you need to remember is that this is your first job that you making a decision about and it is not the only one you will get. Taking the job is as good as taking a jump into the ocean of being an adult and it is not that bad as everybody makes it sound. A job requires your commitment and time but can also offer you some great friends, memories and valuable experience in life, if you take it positively. If you are simply going to take everything personally, then even the best job with the best CEO with the best pay in the world will look like the worst one.

Prepare for higher studies

For those who like studying and wish to take the things to more specialized level, there are a bundle of options out there. You can always specialize in the area you graduated in or take a different area of study for your Master’s degree. A good GRE score will help you secure the college and course of your choice. For them, a short piece of advice. Crush the GRE Test is an online resource dedicated to helping professionals pass the GRE Exam on their first try. They provide reviews of the best best GRE prep courses and unmatched study strategies to fast track each student’s success. Learn more here. But after that, you need to work on your technical skills if you want to enter advanced study areas like PhD and then apply them in the industry or in academia. For those who are interested in management, there is always the option of pursuing a MBA and then seeking an upper management job in a relevant organization.

Everybody is unique and so are their circumstances. The advice we have given so far may be to your liking or maybe not. But what we are going to tell you next will help you every single time in your life.

Never stop learning

During your gap year or at a job, whether at the University or in the real world out there, do not stop learning.You could learn from your teachers, from your peers, subordinates at work, clients or simply commuters on your journey to work or holiday, there is something to learn from every person, every moment, every task you are doing. Keep this learning with you and nothing can stop from achieving what you aim in life.

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