Does Your Company Have A Blog? Here Are 5 Reasons For Starting One Today

Posted on Oct 10 2019 - 9:46am by Editorial Staff

Blogging offers a business an effective way to attract new customers and keep old ones. However, there are still a large number of small and large companies alike that haven’t yet invested in this marketing tool. For business owners who aren’t sure if a blog is a smart investment, keep reading to learn about the benefits it offers.

Attract a New Audience

One of the main reasons a business owner should start a blog is because it can help with promotion. Blogging is an effective way to attract a new audience because it provides value before asking for anything in return.

Think about it, most people are more likely to click on a page that is titled “How to Promote a Blog,” over “Purchase My Blogging Services.” When a business creates a blog that offers value, they can attract an audience and with time and effort, convert that audience to friends, partners, customers, or something else.

Establish Brand Authority

Create a quality blog and writing about topics that matter in the industry and that are relevant to the audience helps a business establish itself as an authority in the space. It also helps to enhance the business’s professional image. Today, the blog is essentially a business’s business card and something that no company should be without.

Build Engagement and Rapport

Blogging will help to convert traffic into leads and eventually, those leads into customers. Blogging will help to “warm up” a cold call and traffic that comes from other sources. If a person receives a cold call, they may be much more receptive to what is being offered if they have read the company’s blog in the past and found that it offered them valuable information or resources.

Create New Opportunities

Something that many businesses don’t realize is that by blogging on a regular basis, they can generate new business and traffic. One example of this is with press or speaking engagements. If a person has read a company’s blog in the past, they are going to be more willing to engage with a representative during various events.

Blogging allows virtually anyone who has something valuable or interesting to say to be seen as an expert in their field. This is crucial for niche businesses, as well as more generalized ones. It makes blogging an invaluable marketing resource.

Tell the Company’s Story

Blogging allows a business to be their own media company. It’s possible to tell the story of the brand, the way the business owners want it told, without having to rely on information regurgitated by journalists. When a person is able to write about something they know about or are interested in, they decide how the story is told and what information is included, along with what is excluded. Blogging lets a company ensure all information included in the blog that is posted is factual.

Don’t Wait to Create a Blog

It’s clear from the information here that blogging is an invaluable resource that can help businesses of all sizes, regardless of what industry they are in. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to see why blogging should be implemented. There are countless things a business can blog about, the key is to make sure that blogs are posted regularly and that they provide value and when this is done, a blog can offer all the benefits here, and more. 

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