Device Security While On Holiday – Ways For Families To Protect All Your Devices Abroad

Posted on Sep 1 2017 - 8:06pm by Editorial Staff

Summer is about to end and you have taken some time off work so that you can spend some time with the family. Tickets are booked and you are all set to go, except that your parental controls are set for the home Wi-Fi and you will have no control over your kids’ devices in the hotel rooms. Instead of worrying about what your kids will be up to and taking fun out of  the vacation, you can use a simple software like Kaspersky Security Cloud to keep all devices safe, even when on a vacation.

The online world is fraught with issues like malware, phishing scams, trojans and above all content that is not meant for all ages. It is easy for kids to get misled into downloading and playing games that are not suited for their age or watching horrifying content on sites. Even if the parental controls keep your kids off such evils, social media is catching up to become host of similar content. As a parent, you do not want your child to be exposed to these things at an inappropriate age but as a child you do not want to be policed by your parent 24X7. This is where, the safety features of Kaspersky Security Cloud come to the rescue.

The Security Cloud works through a single MyKaspersky account where you can link upto 20 devices after you install the software on your device. Each device can be assigned a profile wherein you can customize the access levels (Full, limited, none) for multiple categories such as shopping, streaming, social media, adult content, job portals etc. Depending on the access level you set, the app can either completely block access or give a warning before displaying the category of content. The devices are connected by installing the Safe Kids app on them which takes less than five minutes to download, install and set up.

Since each device has a profile associated with it, you can modify access to content depending on your children’s ages. Kaspersky recognizes that its security cloud is not foolproof and therefore, encourages parents to be a part of the process of making children resilient to online content rather than relying on the cloud to do all the work. The cloud comes with built in help for parents to understand how the profiles and permissions work and serve as a guide to set them up. Help is also available over Kaspersky’s Twitter handle  or Facebook Page.

Alternatively, a parent can simply choose to monitor the sites visited by the devices to get a hang of what kids are doing online, have a discussion regarding the bad sites and then decide to activate a filter or not. As kids become more responsible with age, parents can simply grant them access to varied content with a few taps on the control panel.

The security cloud can also give you a report on the amount of time a device is connected online, the kind of content it has accessed and which content was blocked off. It can also be used to grant internet access to the device for certain periods of the day, either as an aid for studying or for personal time. The device can also alert the main account, if anybody attempts to delete the Safe Kids app.

Returning to where we started, Kaspersky’s security cloud comes in handy, especially during the holidays because you can allow children to have fun during their vacation, without trespassing into dark areas of the internet through unsecured networks. An added advantage of using the service is that it can locate any device for you, as long as it is on. So, no matter where your kids decide to hang out, you can rest assured that you can find them easily, in case of an emergency.

As one of Kaspersky’s offerings, the Security Cloud protects your devices against new viruses, trojans, malware, adware etc. Additionally, it can create a virtual private network (VPN) to ensure that your sensitive data such banking transactions, private messages etc. remain private, even if you use unsecured public Wi-Fi during your travel. The VPN is enabled automatically in such scenarios, so you do not have to bother whether the Wi-Fi you are accessing is safe or not. Thus, the Security cloud is not just meant for kids, its meant for the entire family.

This simple to use online security blanket comes for a fee of £99.99 a year and supports up to 20 devices. If your family of devices is much smaller, then you can also choose the personal pack at £49.99 a year than covers three devices. The Kaspersky Security Cloud not only protects your devices but also your children from the ills of the internet and encourages you to become part of their online journey. You can try a 30 day free trial while you go on this vacation and decide whether you would like to continue using it once you are back. Have a safe holiday!

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