Deutsche Telekom Hits 512Gbps During Fiber Optic Network Real-World Test

Posted on Mar 6 2012 - 9:42am by Editorial Staff

In a tout to be as an “exciting” existing of what to be called as fiber love, Europe seems to hit the mark above the par again, as this time researchers at Deutsche Telekom hits 512Gbps as transmission speed on a single fiber network, which corresponds to a usable bit rate of 400Gbps, or the simultaneous transmission of 77 music CDs. While the bar is higher for fiber-optic transmission in a laboratory setting, this record was set under realworld conditions in the Telekom optical network on a route of 734 km from Berlin to Hanover and back by speed of light.

“Together with our technology partner Alcatel-Lucent and the experts at Telekom Network Production, we are very proud of having attained this tremendous transmission performance over the Internet under real-world conditions,” said T-Labs Manager Heinrich Arnold. “With them, we have successfully developed an innovative method by which the transmission capacity of optical fiber can be increased significantly in network operation.”

The test was part of Deutsche Telekom’s Optically Supported IP Router Interfaces (OSIRIS) research project and results in first 512Gbps transmission over a single wavelength channel in the Telekom optical network -capacity quadrupled. Alcatel-Lucent provides technology support – Telekom Network Production contributes network expertise. The program requires just new hardware to receive and transmit the signals and no new cable to be run.

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