Dell’s Project Sputnik Pairs With The XPS 13 With Ubuntu 12.04 To Create A Speed Demon

Posted on May 8 2012 - 4:40am by Editorial Staff

There is a lot of something “for better” is cooking in computer world as Dell’s very own Project Sputnik pairs Ubuntu 12.04 with Dell XPS13 laptop – the combination makes a future perfect as it promises a 13-inch screen, Intel’s i7 processor with a slender speed. The company’s marketing guru Barton George in a blog post about the project said:  “As we continued talking to customers and developers, the topic of Ubuntu kept coming up, and we came across a fair number of devs who were asking for a Dell laptop specifically based on it. “To my knowledge, no other OEM has yet made a system specifically targeted at devs, and [Dell] figured it was time to see what that might mean.” The company aims to update users with news about Sputnik laptops for sale within the six months’ time.

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