Delicious Stacks Go Social Add Four New Features – Collaborate On Stacks, Comments And Suggest On Stacks, Stack Responses And Private Stacks

Posted on Jan 23 2012 - 5:54am by Editorial Staff

Delicious, a popular social bookmarking website, had announced four new features – collaborate on stacks, comments and suggest on stacks, stack responses and private stacks. Stacks are always a great way to organize and present that content a user is passionate about and will add your voice why it matters.

Collaborate on stacks will allow others in your group to edit and add links to your stack for a joint compilation of the content you want to share with the world. Comment and Suggest on stacks will allow you to join in the conversation, commenting on individual links or the stack as a whole. It even allows you to suggest new links to help the stack creator improve their stack. Stack creators can choose to accept or reject suggestions to quickly and easily include them in their stack.

Stack response results in creating you a new stack of links that’s tied to the original – letting you to add your own voice and show your support. Private stacks gives you a freedom to share only that stacks you want to – else rest of the stack you can send and share by invite only option.

Delicious has always been a social platform, and with the add-on of these new stack features make social an even bigger part of what it is currently offering. The future of these newly added features we get to know soon, as the time will speak itself how good these features really are.

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