Dazzling Blue – The Pantone Color For Spring 2014 On The Runways (Infographic)

Posted on Nov 18 2013 - 11:07am by Alexandra Ashton

It looks like the North-American tradition of “something blue” during a wedding day has spread like wild fire into the runways across the world. Or maybe we are seeing so much blue pieces because Pantone just released its latest color palette and that means good news: there’s an amazing shade standing out from the pastel and fruity shades and its name is.

Dazzling Blue. Mix this with other part of the tradition – the “something new” – and you have the latest trends with a dazzling tone. Pantone’s new main color for the next spring has taken over every fashion event and is conquering the heart of most designers, wherever they are.

According to the unique system Pantone and to our infographic as well, the Dazzling Blue is the color that will set the tone for the beginning of 2014. But if this color is new to you, the best you can do is take a peek at our infographic and learn everything about it! For now, we bet we are still going to see a lot more Dazzling Blue, especially in the big events of next year, like the Oscars ceremony. With its magnetism, this shade can become as famous as the Emerald tone or the Mint shade we have seen blossoming during the latest seasons.

So, are you ready to enjoy the amazing variations and combinations we are about to see in the next months? We bet you are, but it doesn’t hurt to know more, so come with us and check where the Dazzling Blue was last seen. We have great designs and flawless combinations to show you – and not only in your trendy outfit, but even at home –, as this shade can be mixed with so many other colors like white, gold, magenta… It’s completely your choice!

Dazzling Blue  The Pantone Color For Spring 2014 On The Runways (Infographic)

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