David Bowe Fashion Through The Ages (Infographic)

Posted on Nov 15 2013 - 10:52am by Alexandra Ashton

The ever-changing artist David Bowie was recently considered the “best dressed Briton in history”, according to a survey made by the BBC History Magazine. The 66-year-old veteran musician, author of unforgettable classics during more than five decades of work, was elected by the readers of the publication from a list of people drew up by fashion industry experts. Bowie won the first place with 48.5 percent of the votes, thanks to his style and massive impact on British (and worldwide) fashion.

The list counted with personalities like Queen Elizabeth I, King Henry III, the politician Charles James Fox, Queen Alexandra (consort of King Edward VII), Samuel Pepys or Anne Messel, but none of them could beat Bowie. Rob Attar, director of the BBC History Magazine, said “David Bowie has received many awards throughout his successful career, but none compares to being chosen the British best dressed of all time”.

Besides getting this awesome award, 2013 was a particularly good year for the British artist for other reasons. Bowie launched his first album in ten years, entitled “The Next Day”, and had an exhibition at The Victoria and Albert Museum, in London. And, the most important of his achievements: he is the star of our latest infographic, homage to his ever-changing style along the years. Bowie leaves a legacy that goes beyond the current fashion shows and catwalks.

From his glam rock stage to the tailored suits, without forgetting the awesome craziness of Ziggy Stardust, the artist set some of the biggest trends of the last decades. His red hair, the rebel attitude, the excessive amounts of make-up and the unique accessories made him unforgettable and that is why, with 66 years, he deserves a super cool infographic that lists his best moments and how he influenced trends all over the world with his creativity.


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