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Posted on Feb 17 2017 - 8:08pm by Editorial Staff

If you have any ambition in this life, then you’ll know that the top priority isn’t how successful you are at your job, how much money you earn, or how that love life of yours is going, oh no: it’s having a room in your home that is positively the envy of every visitor that pops round for a catch up. It’s having a room that you don’t just enjoy, but a room you dream of when you’re in work, out and about town, and (possibly) even when you’re on holiday. So strap yourself in, because here’s everything you need to know to get that space you always dreamed of having.


The Space

What options do you have in your home? Most people don’t have room after room to choose from, but if you have any choice at all, make it as big a room as you have available. Once everything’s loaded up inside, you’ll be surprised how much smaller any given room looks, and that’s before you’ve even invited your friends around for the evening. Basements are usually good spaces, if you don’t mind clearing away your stuff to make way! Alternatively, invest in a loft conversion and put it up there – it’ll add value to your home anyway, so can be considered a worthwhile investment. The attic or basement are appealing options because they’re also away from the main house – an important factor if you have a big family.

Picking a Theme

A man cave, or whatever you want to call it, can’t just be a disjointed collection of whatever cool item you can find. It’s best to pick a theme for what you’re trying to achieve. It could be focused on gaming, sports, a niche hobby of yours, or a good old fashioned bar. Whatever it is, design the room with the theme in mind; it’ll look much more ‘natural’ when it’s finished. While the whole point is to bring a new level of fun to your house, you also want it to look good!

Kitting the Cave

You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your new room, so you need it to have the infrastructure to handle hours upon hours of comfortable chilling time. Unless your theme is something off the wall (feel free!), you’ll most likely want to have a large television – maybe even several televisions – or a wall projector. Chairs are also key; if you’re a gamer, check out and find the gaming chair that’s just right for you; if you’re watching the game, opt for a lazy boy – it’ll feel like heaven when you sink in. Also remember that the room isn’t just for you! You’ll be inviting people around, and nothing will dampen their spirit like there not being a chair for them to sit in.

The All Important Bar

It’s not absolutely necessary to have a bar, but…oh, we’ll just say: go big and install a bar in there, because what person doesn’t want to have their very own bar, complete with “free drinks”? You’ll be the toast of the town! The bar doesn’t have to be anything too grand. You can make your own wooden bar area, or you can get the experts in and get the bar fitted out properly. Once it’s in, the fun really begins. Are you a gin and tonic person, or a classic, brooding whiskey drinker? Fill out the bar with all the essentials and you won’t have to decide straight away – and more importantly, neither will your guests. If you want to really impress us/your guests/your parents/yourself, you can even install a beer tap and keg into the bar without much difficulty. Rotating craft beer on tap? We’ll be round each week!


For Fun

Having the staples down will get people round, but what’ll make them stay is how much fun they have at your place. And if you’re not a stand up comedian, then that’ll mean you have to enlist the help of some tried and tested pathways to good times. We’re talking pool tables, dart boards, arcade games, and air hockey tables. None of these are too hard to find, and they don’t have to be expensive, either! If you’re more of a games person, then stack a shelf filled with playing cards and all your favorite board games. And then there’s the matter of games consoles…do you go with a PS4 or an XBOX One? Or both…?

Bringing the Passion

Your room of fun, as it’ll come to be known, is about your friends and family as much as it’s about yourself, but still, it’s also an opportunity for you to really sink into your passions and develop one of your hobbies. If you love music, then set aside a portion of the room as a practice area or – if you’re really serious – then you can even combine your room of fun with a recording studio. Avid film fans will know there’s not much better than a home cinema system, and if you opted for the projector then all you’ll have to do is rearrange a few chairs, dim the lights, and plug in a surround system and you’ll be good to go. And of course, the literary types will know exactly what to do with the four walls: plenty of homemade bookshelves, hundreds of books. The perfect rainy afternoon place to be!

The extra Touches

Finally, what’ll make your new room really stand out are the extra little touches you add. A mounted bottle opener that you picked up on your travels, posters of your favorite films and musicians, and the like will all put your stamp on the room. It’s your opportunity to show flashes of your personality in subtle ways; they don’t need to dominate the room. Once all this has been taken care of, you’ll be able to invite your guests round to take the room for a trial spin, or you can lock yourself away and enjoy it all to yourself.

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