Creating That Nerdy Haven You And Your Friends Will Absolutely Love

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Nowadays, geek is very much chic. The things that good odd looks last generation are now the pop culture of our current generation. The nice and nerdy amongst us couldn’t be happier with this development. For a lot of us, it means we can wear what we’ve always loved on our sleeve. It means we can also get a lot more creative with it in our home, as well. Out of all the trends in décor, creating your own little nerdy haven is the one we’re most enthusiastic of.

Remember your media station should be communal

The only thing better than gaming or watching a movie in your newly made den is having people to watch it with. When you’re setting up a home theatre, with multiple speakers and huge screen, remember to consider spacing carefully. You want to encompass all of the seating area in the surround sound, not just the seat that is designated yours. More important is making sure your den has a bit of space for more than one person.

Go chic with your geek

All sorts of nerdery might be cool now, but you still want a certain kind of aesthetic appeal to your home space. To that end, there are tons of people designing posters and artwork that displays your love in in a cool stylistic way. From art deco Legend of Zelda to minimalist Pokemon, check out for a few geek chic options.

Have a case for your favorites

We all have those franchises we treasure and love above all else. Without making your new den cluttered, you want to be able to show off your merchandise from places like A glass case can be the perfect means to keep them out of the way as well as out of danger.

Clearing the clutter

We’re not making any assumptions on how tidy or untidy you might regularly be. When it comes to a place with as many electronics as a geek den, however, it’s easy to lose control. Particularly when it comes to the cables of those electronics. They can not only make the place look disorganized and slovenly, but they can be dangerous. Make sure you’re using cable ties to keep everything as neat and organized as it can be.

Making the room smart

Nowadays, there’s a new bit of tech which is making the rounds and it goes hand-in-hand with creating a geek haven in your home. We’re talking about Smart Home tech like Google Home and Amazon Echo. These cool pieces of tech can make it easy for you for adjust the lights, to put on music and access all other kinds of apps. To find out which one works better for you, keep up with the news from places like

Displaying your enthusiasm is a fantastic way to create a space you truly love. But you don’t have to sacrifice style for it, either. We hope the tips above help you create the little haven you’ll never want to leave but won’t be afraid to show your friends.

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