Coworking Costs – How Coworking Can Help Keep Your Overhead Low

Posted on Nov 28 2018 - 9:08am by Editorial Staff

Starting a business is a great adventure, but finding office space might be an unpleasant part of the journey. Most cities around the world are similar in theme where high rents are concerned. The closer to the CBD, the higher your monthly rent will typically run, and this is the case in Thailand’s major cities as well.

For someone familiar with the landscape, finding suitable office space is a cinch. Conversely, for foreign investors and entrepreneurs, tackling real estate law while searching for appropriate, affordable space might be more than time-consuming. It is overwhelming. Alternative office space, however, can remove the barriers associated with finding space in a place in which your business might or might not be familiar, namely coworking spaces. With Servcorp coworking and other coworking plans, your business gets all of the benefits of an office, including location, without the ridiculously high overhead.

Let’s take a closer look at the many ways that coworking in Thailand can help reduce your costs.

Utilities And Other Amenities

The most obvious cost-effective benefit to the coworking space is streamlining many of the costs related to running the office. Like the serviced office, coworking offices streamline the costs associated with paying for utilities, office equipment, office support, any technology, and any other part of running an office. As opposed to paying a number of bills a month, these amenities are included with the rent of the space. Furthermore, in traditional office space, the bills vary on the use every month, but with the coworking space, you get the benefit of consistent billing, which makes budgeting simple.

Cost To Attend Networking Events

At the core of coworking is the whole idea of community, so as a part of your plan, most spaces offer an array of events and a calendar that allows you attend events for free or inexpensively. Social events that involve providing the glue that defines the space can range from anywhere to having a barbecue to holding brainstorming events. More professionally-oriented events might involve holding conferences, which may have a surcharge, but when compared to networking events and conferences outside of the space, these surcharges are less expensive while providing you with a viable platform to make the right business connections.

Access To Resources Within The Space

The human potential within the space is another means to save money. Within each coworking space, you might find a number of diverse industries working in one place. Getting access to people and seeking information from professionals is the best way to reduce costs. Many times, industry professionals can give advice related to costs associated with a particular product or service. More importantly, these same professionals can help you keep your costs low simply through the referral. For businesses, the coworking space is a win-win situation in terms of reducing costs for goods and services needed.

Use Of The Online Platform

Finally, the coworking space can eliminate many of the costs associated with marketing and public relations activities through the online landscape. Today’s technologies have virtually set up a million ways to find out information about your target market, developing your brand’s identity, and building relationships with the public. Not that you want to discard traditional print methods of advertising and offline methods of PR, but the online landscape through your coworking space can significantly lower these costs.

Keeping Costs Low

The coworking space only comes second to the virtual office in providing inexpensive workspace to today’s professionals. Coworking professionals have a variety of spaces to choose from, some offering great amenities, but at the same time, creating a situation where all costs are reduced. The coworking space, in today’s imagination, provides all businesses with more value for their buck.

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