Cook On Big Discounts For Education: Providing Free iTunes U Courseware, Launched iBook Creation Tool

Posted on May 30 2012 - 2:48am by Editorial Staff

Asking about Apple used to have big discounts for education, Apple’s CEO Cook said, “There is still a discount for institutions and for individuals.” Apple has also done things at back to school time with a special offer. “We are going to keep doing that,” Cook said. Those discounts added up to $750 million last year, Cook said. “It’s not an insignificant amount.” Cook also pointed out that Apple is doing its free iTunes U courseware. The company also launched iBook creation tool back in January that company is giving free of cost. “Today’s text book is dog-eared and seven years old and behind the times,” Cook said, adding that education has been a key focus of Apple since its earliest days.

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