Computer Problems? A Guide To Solving Common Tech Support Problems

Posted on Oct 4 2013 - 12:09pm by Derek Whitney


When dealing with computer or technology problems, most issues will occur frequently while others are a rarity. With this in mind, one should know how to fix minor issues without the help of a professional. Here are the 10 most common tech support problems that one can solve without the help of tech support expert.

Computer too slow: When an individual notices that their workstation suddenly performs slowly, they probably have an easy solution on their hands. To fix this problem, one should clear their browser’s cache, empty the recycling bin and disable any startup programs that are not frequently used. If this does not work, a computer user should download an antivirus program and scan the system for viruses and malware.

Slow downloads: Often, a computer owner will pay for expensive Internet only to have slow downloads. To get to the bottom of this issue, one should first restart their cable modem and router. Next, a person should run a speed test to verify the download rate. If it is still slow, one should update their network card drivers.

Restarting on its own: When a computer restarts on its own, a user will have a frustrating problem. To fix this issue, one should make sure all their programs are updated. To take it further, one must verify that their computer is not overheating.

Pop-up ads: When having pop-up ads appear out of the browser, one will have an annoying problem. To get rid of the advertisements, one should run their antivirus software; this should fix the problem. To prevent this from happening again, one should use a secure and up-to-date browser and avoid shady websites.

Hijacked search: Some dishonest companies will attach malware to their software; this causes the browser to land on a different search page than Google. To fix this, one must run their anti-virus program to find the problem and eliminate it by removing the virus.

Wi-Fi disconnects: Most people use a wireless connection in their home or office. Unfortunately, this is a source of plenty of anguish as some connections randomly fail. There are two steps one should take to fix this annoying problem. One should update their wireless drivers and the firmware of the router.

Printer will not work: When faced with a printer problem, some people opt to give up. Instead, the computer owner should go to control panel and verify that the correct printer is selected.

Web security: When using an old computer or browser, one may run into problems with website security certificates. To fix the issue, one should update their browser. If this does not do it, one should update the time on their computer.

Problem opening attachments: When a user receives an e-mail with an attachment, they will usually have problems opening it. This usually occurs when a person does not have the necessary program to open the file. To fix this, one should use an alternative program or buy the necessary software.

Program does not open: Sometimes, a user will find their favorite program does not work on their computer. This is often the result of a person using the wrong version of the software; they must verify that they are using the right version; otherwise it will not work.

With these ten simple fixes, one can avoid hiring an IT professional and can instead save time and money.

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