Common Email Marketing Missteps (Infographic)

Posted on Oct 9 2013 - 10:55am by Editorial Staff

Think it doesn’t matter when you send out your email marketing campaign? Think again. If you wait until the end of the workday on Friday to send out your latest update, your email is way more likely to get buried in your reader’s inbox than if you send it, say, midday in the middle of the week. This is just one of the considerations that ReachMail brings up in a new infographic aimed at explaining (and offering solutions to) some of the biggest email marketing mistakes that businesses can make.

Optimizing an email across different platforms is another major obstacle that businesses run into. An email may look great when opened on a computer, but if it’s a jumbled mess when opened on a smartphone, you’ll be alienating the huge percentage of consumers who regularly check their email on their phones. You can’t just adapt your email marketing campaign for iPhone users, either—you need to make sure your emails will look good on an Android or iPad screen.

Although it’s always important to know your products’ primary demographics, it becomes especially essential when you’re working on an email marketing campaign. If you make products that are largely targeted at young adults, for example, you need to know that 80% of millennials own a cell phone and are more likely to open emails on their phone than a computer. Are you marketing to women? In general, men open more emails than women, but women are more likely to click on links within emails. Knowing your target demographic’s email reading habits can help you come up with a more effective campaign.

Above all else, a good email marketing campaign shouldn’t make the reader work too hard. If your font is too small or your product links are buried all the way at the bottom of the email, you’ll lose out on a lot of potential customers. Your goal should be to allow your readers to easily get from the email to product pages on your website, rather than making them waste time searching around the website themselves. Always keep ease-of-use at the front of your mind when formulating an email marketing plan.

For more interesting statistics about email marketing mistakes—and some valuable tips on how to avoid them—check out ReachMail’sinfographic.

Common Email Marketing Missteps

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